Best Quality Teepee Tents for 10 Year Kids Room
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Where to buy Best Quality Teepee Tents for Kids

Teepee Tent for Girl

Sunday is to spend time with Kids. Reading Books, Pretend Play and Tea Party. Camping at Home in your Play Tent in the best way to spend a Sunday. Teepee Tents are trending these days to keep your Children happy and busy in this Pandemic time. Play with your Children, it not only cuts down on their screen time, but also brings out the imaginative qualities of pretend play and sharing in your kids.

Flamingo Teepee Tent

We are posting some Happy Client Pictures of Mom and Daughter duo. We have received interesting Feedback and Amazing Pictures from Parents, to support their Comments. We would love to share with you some of the best experiences that we have heard, so far.

  1. “My kid has learnt to be on her own and play for hours, safely inside the Tent”
  2. “My Child has converted his tent into a reading Nook”
  3. “The Play Tent has inspired my children for Imaginative Play”
  4. ” My toddler loves to crawl into the Tent, like a hideout & play Peek A Boo with me”
  5. “Buying a Single Tent for my Twins, has encouraged them to learn sharing”

Buy Kids Tent Online

So, what are you waiting for ? These are reasons enough for you to go Online and search for that Perfect Teepee Tent for your Child ? Let us help you with that search. We have an amazing line of Kids Tents & Teepees, with the Most Child friendly and Non Toxic features :

–  100% Breathable Cotton Fabric

–  A Playful Window in each Tent

–  Eco friendly & sturdy Bamboo Poles

–  Matching Flags for the Tent Top

–  Two cute matching Pillows with each Tent

Flamingo Pillows & Cushions

Decorate your Kid’s room and nursery with flamingo pillows and cushions and watch them fall in love. All our square cushions and kid’s bolsters have poly fill fillers, so you can just remove the covers and get them dry cleaned. The star pillows and snowflake pillows for kids, are the cutest in our collection and we make them matching with each kids tent. You can check out our pillows and cushions section to add extra cushions to your tent and make it even more amazing and play full.

Made in India

Our Kids Tents are 100% Made in India. We support the Make in India initiative and believe in, Vocal for Local. So, buy an Indian made teepee tent for your Kids today and Encourage them to be Happy Indian Campers !!

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