Unicorn theme birthday party ideas for 10 year old girl
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Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Ideas for 10 year Girls

Unicorn Party for Girls

Unicorns are magical creatures and girls simply adore and love them ! Unicorns are all about amazing colors and hues, and are symbols of purity and grace. The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. The unicorn continues to hold a place in popular culture. It is often used as a symbol of fantasy or rarity.

The 5 essential elements of a Unicorn party :

  1. Unicorn theme invitation cards
  2. Bake an amazing Unicorn Theme Cake
  3. Unicorn painting competition for kids
  4. Use Unicorn cut outs for decorations
  5. Buy a Unicorn theme Playtent !

Unicorn Party Decor Ideas

Unicorn Pillows for Girls

We provide Unicorn pillows with our Unicorn theme Tents and tipi tents. We have many options is pillows, square pillows, round pillows or bolsters. Our unicorn print has rainbows, stars and hearts. It will make your child’s room a fairyland and she will love it all the more. Our playtents are not only for photography or only for a birthday photoshoot, it is infact a keep sake. Your child will spend years playing in it and enjoying camping in her tent. We have clients who have bought our Kids tents almost 5 years ago and are still going strong and sturdy!

7 Key Features of our Kids Tents 

1. Very spacious tents, good for 2 to 3 kids to sit & play inside.

Hut Shape tent Size : 3ft x 4ft Height : 4ft

2. We only use child-friendly Breathable Cotton Fabrics.

3. Decorated outer valance & hanging tassels to enhance the look of the tent.

4. Very strong and sturdy aluminum poles and sockets are used.

5. Double layered, fabric Matching Floormat for the base. 

5. Matching 2 Cushions are included

6. Carry Kit Bag, to carry or store your Kids Tent. 

7. Tents % Made in India & FREE COURIER, all over India.

Happy Client Pictures

Let’s showcase some of our Playtents Happy Clients pictures with our kids tents and teepees. When you Order a Kid’s tent from us, do not forget to send us some interesting and creative Pictures and become a part of our Playtents Happy Clients club.

Made in India Play Tents

We make all our Kids Tents & Teepees in our own factory in New Delhi, India. Our Slogan is, Be Indian, Buy Indian. Support Indian Manufacturers and Indian Companies that are using all ingenious raw materials to create beautiful and creative products for you. We hand stitch all our kids tents and pack them perfectly in Boxes to courier them to you. Our Box packing is ideal for gifting on birthdays and other occassions. We are very proud of our Team at Playtents Company, as we bring Smiles across cute little faces all over India.

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