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7 New Ideas for Girl’s Play Area and Room

Play Tent for Girl

The Doll House Tent for girls is the Most exciting and appropriate tent house for a girl’s room. The combination of plain pink cotton fabric along with the stripes makes it the best combination, as if coming out of some Fairytale! Your girl can play, read, eat or even sleep in her personal tent. Girls just love pretend play and here you can see how Mehar – The Fairy Godmother is blessing us all with her Magic Wand, while her teddy bears sleep so comfortably in her Doll House Tent. As Simrat Manchanda likes to put it “Very beautiful and sturdy tent, that my daughter has been using for over 2 years and is still in perfect condition. When l say sturdy, trust me my little one has tested that too well. It’s very spacious too and we have had many tea parties, book readings, play dates and sleepovers in it. The cushions are really cute too. Definitely recommended for the little ones.”

Games for Kids

Our kids need to explore their creativity and enhance their imagination, that only their personal play area can provide them. So why not make a Playtent an integral part of their play area and their childhood as well. We have seen kids invite their mothers to tea parties and book reading sessions inside their kid’s tent or just play hide and seek, behind tent walls. Isn’t childhood so cute and non complex ? Maybe that’s why we all loved being kids, so why not give our child a very happy childhood ? We are Quoting Ritika Verma here “Naayra had to be in it, first thing after getting up in the morning. Guess my entire sunday will be spent inside it. I don’t think she’s ever coming out of this! And it’s big and sturdy enough for me to curl up with her inside too! Falling in love with her new tent.”

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The Doll House Tent

Age : Toddler – 12 Yrs

Play Area Ideas for Toddlers

It is a task to entertain toddlers, but the easiest is to make a play area for them. A personal corner that has all their Favorite toys, some books and teddy bears to cuddle. Put a play mat underneath, so that the child does not get hurt while crawling or playing. Put some toy organizers and perhaps a Playtent ! Let your child invite her friends over for a play date in her tent house. Shikha Bhardwaj says “You make the best kid’s tents”

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Children love to see their name on their toys and other belongings too, so we thought why not put their name on their kid’s tent as well ? We personalize your kid’s tent, and star pillows also. Do get in touch with us to discuss the personalized gift for your child’s birthday, play area or photoshoot. Doesn’t it sound interesting ? Check out the Name Plate on the tent and some personalized star pillows as well, you are surely gonna love it and your children will love it more.

Star Pillows for Kids

Made In India Playtents

We proudly say that our Parent Tent Company, Namdhari Tent Manufacturers is a 55 Years Old Tent Company and our Playtents is a 5 Years Old Start Up, with a dedicated team of tailors. You can check out our Company History as well. We take all necessary precautions, to make our products child safe and fit for toddlers. You can also check out our Kids Teepee Tents and A-Frame Tents for Kids. Our Playtents Tailors Team.

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