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Why do we use Bamboo Poles in Tipi Tents for kids ?
Why do we use Bamboo Poles in Tipi Tents for kids ?

Bamboo is one Natural fiber, that has more Tensile strength than even Steel ! Yes, believe me on this. We have been using Bamboo poles in our Kids Teepee Tents from the last 5 years. A Tipi / Teepee Tent or a Wigwam is typically a Conical Tent. It is fabric put over a framework of Poles. Basically these used to be Bamboo poles or Wooden ones in the past. The Bamboo poles were more popular even in those days.

Tipi Tents for Kids

We make all our Kids Tipi Tents with Bamboo poles. Bamboo not only looks very authentic, but are also very child friendly and non toxic. The strength of Bamboo is very amazing. It is more Elastic and Tensile, as compared to Wood and Steel, both. Bamboo’s strength-to-weight ratio is similar to timber. The strength is generally similar to a strong softwood or hardwood timber. Bamboos include some of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Hence, it also helps a lot in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet. Bamboo Poles are very Children friendly, so we use them in our Teepee Tents.

Camping with Playtents

We give 4 flags to cover the Tipi tent top, if you do not like the look of Bamboo Poles.

Camping at Home

Playtents Company is based in India, making 100% indigenous products, that are both child friendly and ecofriendly. Gift your Kids a Wigwam Play Tent, that they will cherish throughout their childhood days. Let them learn to share their private space, because that’s what we want them to learn over their growing years. Order Now and Have A Super surprise slumber party for your child !

  1. Hut Shape Tents
  2. Tipi Tents
  3. Viking Tents
  4. Mahal Tents
  5. Kids Shamiayana

The pandemic has created a situation, where kids can’t go outside for holidays or camping, so the best idea is to camp at home and stay safe. We at Playtents, provide the best solution and maximum options for children, to enjoy their stay at home. Give them the safest and child friendly toys to play and enjoy.

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7 Best Play Tents to buy for your Children
7 Best Play Tents to buy for your Children

Camping at Home is the Best trend to keep your Children happy and busy in this Pandemic time. It not only cuts down on their screen time, but also brings out the imaginative qualities of pretend play in your kids. Our best quality tents will be very safe and long lasting, for your children.

Buy Kids Tents & Teepees for Kids

Hut shape tents are the most stable and very spacious tents for children, you can check out all our designs on the Hut Tent page. We have the best team of most experienced tailors and carpenters to make our kids tents. You can make out the quality of our work from the minute details and stitching of our tents.

Gifts for kids birthday

We have been talking to so many Moms, over these months of Lockdown, and we have received a lot of interesting Feedback and Amazing Inputs. Now here, we would love to share with you some of the best experiences that we have heard, so far.

  1. The kids learn to be on their own and play for hours, safely inside the Tent.
  2. Many Kids have converted their Tents into reading Nooks.
  3. Tents have inspired the kids for Imaginative Play & Pretend Play.
  4. Toddlers love to crawl into the Tent, like a hideout & play Peek A Boo.
  5. Buying a Single Tent for Twins, has encouraged them to learn sharing.

Buy kids tent online

Don’t you think these are reasons enough for you to go Online and search for that Perfect Tent for your Child ? Well, we can help you with that too. We have an amazing line of Kids Tents & Teepees, with the Most Child friendly features, do check them out :

–  Breathable Cotton Fabric

–  A Playful Window in every Tent

–  Eco friendly & sturdy Bamboo Poles

–  Matching Flags for the Tent Top

–  Two cute Pillows with each Tent

Our Products are 100% Made in India. We support the Make in India initiative and believe in, Vocal for Local. So, buy a Teepee for your Kids today and Encourage them to be Happy Campers !!