5 New games and activities for children in holidays
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3 Best Lock Down Activities for Children

All parents are facing the problem of keeping their kids away from electronic gadgets, as a result more fights. Moreover keeping them engaged in this pandemic time, is very difficult. Now when kids can’t go out in the parks to play or for their activity classes, it is a mammoth task to keep them busy and entertained 24 x 7. So firstly, here are our Teepee Tents for Kids Room, that will come to your rescue. Try talking to the parents, who have bought a Play Tent for their Kid and they will tell you the advantages of it. Yes, Secondly, we also make A-Frame Wigwams for Kids Room. Last, but not the least come our Princess tents, do check them out as well.

In conclusion, we are sharing here, what parents have to say :

  • Best place for the Kid’s Pretend Play
  • Reading Nook Wigwam
  • Toys Organizer
  • Nap Time in the Tent
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Kid’s Private Zone
  • Spacious & Breathable space for Kids
  • 100% Made in India

Camping at Home Ideas for Children

Play Tents for Kid’s Room

Firstly, All our Kids Tents are Made in India. Secondly, We support the Make in India initiative of our Government. Thirdly, because we believe in, Vocal for Local. Most Importantly, Buy a Teepee for your Kids today and Encourage them to be Happy Campers. We also make A-frame tents for children and Princess tents, do check these out as well.

Kids Tents

Let the Children have their own little space inside your larger Living room, where they can have their fun time. Keep an eye on your child, in the Play Tent even while you are finishing your Online meetings and phone calls. Most importantly, let your Kids be Happy Little Kids Camping at Home, with Teepee Tents for Kids Room.

Why buy from Playtents ? Well, The Best features of our Kids Teepees are mentioned herewith :

  1. Only Breathable Cotton Fabrics are used
  2. Eco friendly Bamboo Poles
  3. A Play Window in each Wigwam
  4. Matching Floor Mat to complete the look
  5. 4 matching flags to complete your Wigwam
  6. Matching Cushions with each Tent
  7. You can also get your Name on the Tent.
  8. Best Tents for Play Area
  9. Non Toxic Wigwam for Kids Room
  10. Personalize at a Nominal Cost

100% Made in India Kids Tents

Above all, We believe in the Indian Government’s Slogan, Vocal for Local and Make in India initiative. Gift your Kids a Wigwam Play Tent, so that they will cherish throughout their childhood days. Let them learn to share their private space, because that’s what siblings do. Order Now and let Kids Have A Safe & Happy Diwali !

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