Trending Diwali gifting ideas for Children in 2021
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Diwali Gifting New Ideas for Children 2021

Teepee Tents are trending these days, as a result it is The Best gift you can give your Child, this Diwali. For instance, all Moms want their kids to have a Safe and stable Playhouse of their own. A Happy place for their child to sit and play or read. Put some Fairy Lights to decorate the Kids Tent & the Room. Hence, brighten it up for your Child’s Diwali. You have a wide choice, because we have almost 40 designs to choose from. Our range includes, Pretty shades of Pinks for your little princess, for instance. We have, different shades of Greens, Yellows and Orange for that bright & vivacious Kid. Our Grey is for the Sober one. Above all, we have Serene Whites with Chevron Prints are available for all kids. Yes, you can Gift your Kid the Best one, Play tents for Kids Room. Our collection also includes Mahal Tents for children and Kids Shamiyana, do have a look at our accessories as well.

Best Diwali Gifts for Kids

Why should you buy from Playtents

Features of Play Tents for Kids Room :

  • Breathable Cotton fabric
  • Eco friendly Bamboo Poles
  • Easy to fold & keep
  • Very spacious & airy
  • For Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Only non-toxic materials used
  • Completely safe and Child friendly

Fairy Lights for Diwali

Diwali Decorations with Playtents

Decorate your home with beautiful tipi tents and vikings, put some fairy lights and see the magic ! Kindly support local business and locally made products, from diyas, candles, to festoons and all diwali decorations. All our Kids Tents are Made in India. We support the Make in India initiative of our Government, because believe in, Vocal for Local. Buy a Teepee for your Kids today and Encourage them to be Happy Campers at Home.

Diwali is the festival of Lights. Let’s have a Green Diwali with only Candles and Lights. Educate our Kids, so that they can become better citizens when they grow up. Help them grow into more responsible adults, who know Caring & Sharing. This pair of twins, look so amazing celebrating their festival with Play Tents. We highly recommend, Play tents for Kids Room and Play. We also make cotton filled, hand quilted Mattress for children, so that they can comfortably sit and play in their tipi, without feeling uncomfortable at all.

A – Frame Tent

This Very amazing Viking Tent for Kids, has the following features :

  1. Cotton breathable fabric cover
  2. Very stable Tent frame
  3. Matching Floor Mat
  4. Matching Cushions
  5. Two Playful windows

Gift your Kids a Wigwam Play Tent, so that they will cherish throughout their childhood days. Let them learn to share their private space, because that’s what siblings do. Order Now and Have A Safe & Happy Diwali !

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