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Best Gifting Ideas for a 3 Year Old Boy

Zebra Theme Party Ideas

Throw in a surprise for your little munchkin, on his birthday eve. We all love surprises, don’t we ? And kids more so, so let’s plan the best Zebra Theme Birthday Party for your kid’s birthday. The monocrome Black & White colors, paired with a bright and bold colors, Bunting, inflatable balloons and decorations makes the best combo, for your Little one. Here you can catch a glimpse of our cute munchkin AVYAAN, he just turned 3. Isn’t he all excited and smiling brightly, sitting in his personalized teepee ? Kids Tent only from Play tents. Use White, Blue & Silver balloons to make it special for your son!

What all to include in your party

  1. Invitation Cards in Black & White.
  2. Order an amazing Zebra theme Cake
  3. Pin the tail on Zebra, activity for kids
  4. Zebra cut outs for decor.
  5. Metallic balloons in contrast colors
  6. The Numeric Birthday Year, with lights.
  7. A bright colored Bunting or a Name Bunting.
  8. The famous Zebra Teepee tent.

Check out the various interesting ways to drape your Bunting, and make your Monocrome Tent, Stand Out !

Tent House for Kids

Kids Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Not only boys, many girls also love the Zebra theme of Black & White, so you can decorate the room with Pink Baloons and perhaps add a dash of baby pink and hot pink to please your daughter. The same Zebra teepee can be used for your Son’s birthday or your daughter’s birthday as well. Do have a look !

What all our Teepee Tent Set includes

  1. Breathable Cotton fabric tent, in Black & White stripes, completely child friendly.
  2. Eco friendly Bamboo Poles, buffed & varnished for the superior look.
  3. Matching Floormat, to exactly fit the Tent. It can have Chevron pattern or a Star pattern.
  4. 2 Star Cushions, matching the tent colors.
  5. Top Flags, to complete the look of the teepee.
  6. Extra String & Beads, in case the original gets misplaced or broken.
  7. Attractive Gift Box packing.

Play Tents Company

Experience of more than 5 decades, of making Tents & marquees, speaks volumes in all our Kid’s Tents works and designs. We are very proud of our legacy & experience. Bringing all our expertise and infrastructure together, we design the best quality and child safe products for your little ones. We are based in New Delhi, and Yes, all our Kids Tents & Teepees are 100% Made in India. Here, we also wish to thank our very amazing team of most experienced tailors, who have worked diligently and dedicately to bring a Smile on your Kid’s face, even during the toughest times. Our entire range includes, Hut shapes tents, Princess tents, Viking tents or better known as the A – Shape tents, Mahal tents and not to forget the most popular, teepee tents. Do check our our Website for all designs and colors of Kids tents and teepees.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

With us, you can Personalize your Teepee Tent, with 1 name on tent or 2 names on tent. The star pillows are a very good size of 15 inches, that makes 38cm. You can also add a mattress of 4cm thickness, for extra cushioning. Our mattress, will exactly fit your teepee tent. It is a cotton filled and hand quilted, superior quality product.

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