A-Frame Tents for Kids Room and Viking Tents by Playtents
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A-Frame Tents for Children’s Room and Play

Kids Tent

Viking Tents are better known as A-frame tents or A-shape tents, all over the world. They have many Unique features, as a result they stand apart. None the less these Tents are very attractive and easily portable. Kids can play for hours in these Viking Tents and not feel bored. It is a Private hideout for many. Vikings were the seafaring Norse people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Who lived from the late 8th to late 11th centuries. The Vikings were Expert sailors and navigators. The Viking Tents have likely been a part of their ship equipment.  In those days, the ship was “camped”  by putting up the Tent within the ship, but it could also be used on land. Hence, these A Shape Tents came into existence.

We have found these A Frame Tents very Stable and hence, we are underlining the Main Features :

  • Best place for the Kid’s Hide Out
  • Play or Sleep Wigwam
  • Toys Organizer
  • Very Stable structure
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Best choice for Toddlers
  • Spacious & Breathable space for Kids
  • Two Play Windows
  • Two matching Pillows with the Tent

Viking Tents

Firstly, All our Kids Tents are Made up of breathable Cotton fabric, Made in India. Secondly, We support the Make in India initiative of our Government. Thirdly, because we believe in, Vocal for Local products. Most Importantly, Buy a Teepee or a Viking tents for your Kids today and Encourage them to be Happy Campers for the future. We also have a large variety of tipi tents and princess tents in our collection.

Play Tents and Wigwams

Let the Children have their own little space inside your larger rooms, where they can have their private camping time. Keep an eye on your child, in the Play Tent even while you are finishing your Online meetings and phone calls. Most importantly, let your Kids be Happy Little Kids Camping at Home, with Viking Tents for Kids Room. Above all, We believe in the Indian Government’s Slogan, Vocal for Local and Make in India initiative. Gift your Kids a Wigwam or Viking Play Tent, so that they will cherish throughout their childhood days. Let them learn to share their private space, because that’s what siblings do. Order Now and let them Party !! We also specialize in many other styles of tents like the

  1. Hut shape tents
  2. Princess tents
  3. Mahal tents
  4. Kids Shamiyana
  5. Teepee tents

Buy the most amazing and different gifts for your children, this season.

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