7 Midnight Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for Kids & Adults
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7 Midnight Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Tipi Party for Children

Best way to celebrate your Child’s birthday is to start early! Yes you heard it right, throw a midnight surprise birthday party on the Birthday eve itself.

The 7 Must haves :

  1. Make some interesting invitation cards
  2. Bake an amazing Theme based Cake
  3. Arrange some DIY activities for kids
  4. Use Cartoon cut outs for decorations
  5. Pick a Fancy Birthday dress
  6. Buy a Personalized birthday teepee tent
  7. Order Star pillows with Names for Fun & Play!!

DIY Kids Birthday Decor Ideas

Star Pillows for Children

Do plan a midnight Surprise decoration for your Child’s Birthday with our exclusive range of Kid’s Tents and Teepees. Put up some fun Balloons, huge cut outs, colorful frills, perhaps some interesting fairy lights also and your midnight surprise decor is done. We also make Personalized Pillows for your Kid’s room and play. Watch the twinkle in their eyes when they see their name on the tent or the pillow. It’s a very famous Quote “What’s in a Name ?” Well, we say “everything for a Child. Yes !! that’s very true. Buy Personalized Star Pillows with your Child’s Name written on them. You can check out some Samples here, Do let us know if you do not Fall in Love with them.

10 Key Features of our Teepee Tents 

1. Very spacious Tipi tents, good for 2 to 3 kids to sit & play inside.

Tipi tent Size : 4ft x 4ft Height : 5ft

2. We only use child-friendly Breathable Cotton Fabrics.

3. Buffed & Polished, Ecofriendly, light weight Bamboo Poles are used.

4. Double layered, fabric Matching Floormat for the base. 

5. Also included are the Matching Flags for the tipi top.

6. Extra String & Beads, in case the Original get misplaced or broken over time.

7. Matching 2 Star Cushions 

8. Carry Kit Bag, to carry or store your Tipi Tent. 

9. Attractive Box Packing for Gifting .

10. Tents % Made in India & FREE COURIER, all over India.

Playtents Happy Client Pictures

We have a huge collection of our Playtents Happy Clients pictures with our kids tents and teepees. When you Order a Kid’s tent from us, do not forget to send us some interesting and creative Pictures and become a part of our Playtents Happy Clients club.

Made in India Play Tents

All our Kids Tents & Teepees are 100% Made in India. Our Slogan is, Be Indian, Buy Indian. Support Indian Manufacturers and Indian Companies that are using all ingenious raw materials to create beautiful and creative products for you. We are very proud of our Team at Playtents Company, as we bring Smiles across cute little faces all over India. Jai Hind!

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