11 Dino-Mite Party Ideas for Kid's Birthday with Playtents
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11 Best Dinosaur Party Tips for Kid’s Birthday

Dino-Mite Party Ideas

Throw a super roar some Dinomite party for your kid’s birthday. Use bright and bold colors, dinosaur inflatable balloons and decorations. So get all set to stomp, rumble and roar the show with big dino cut outs.  Get fun dinosaur party ideas with us at Play tents :

  1. Make Dino birthday Invitation cards
  2. Bake an amazing Dinosaur Cake
  3. DIY dino egg jars, activity for kids
  4. Dinosaur cut outs for decorations
  5. Huge Dino balloons and banners
  6. Beware Dinosaur – sign boards
  7. Jurassic park birthday gate
  8. Fancy dress up – Dinosaurs & Tyrannosaurs
  9. Dinosaur love teepee tent
  10. Big cushions & pillows of dino theme
  11. Find the Dino – Kid’s game

Kids Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Dinosaurs have always fascinated the children, due to their enormous size and roar. Kids will love to recreate a whole theme with big and small dinosaurs and flaunt their Dino-Mite party too. You can choose from a variety of Dinosaurs & Tyrannosaurs. Surprise Birthday Parties for Kids are so in. Plan a Surprise for your Child’s Birthday with our exclusive range of Kid’s Tents and Teepees. We also make Dinosaur Pillows.

10 Key Features of our Dinosaur Teepees 

1. Very spacious Tents, good for 2 to 3 kids to play inside.

Size : 4ft x 4ft Height : 5ft

2. Only Breathable Cotton Fabrics are used. 

3. Buffed & Polished, Ecofriendly, light weight Bamboo Poles, make your Teepee stand. 

4. Double layered, fabric Matching Floormat for the base. 

5. Matching Flags for the teepee top.

6. Extra String & Beads, in case the Original get misplaced or broken over time.

7. Matching 2 Dinosaur Cushions 

8. Carry Kit Bag, to carry or store your Tent. 

9. Attractive Box Packing for Gifting .

10. Tents % Made in India & FREE COURIER, all over India.

Dinosaur Theme Teepee Tents

Made in India Play Tents

All our Kids Tents & Teepees are 100% Made in India. Here we present, our amazing team of most experienced tailors, who have worked diligently and dedicately to bring a Smile on your Kid’s face, even during the toughest times. We have been taking all necessary precautions in the production, during this Pandemic, to bring to you the latest designs of Kids tents and teepees. All our products are pre-sanitized before dispatch. All our workers wear masks to work. Every morning it is mandatory to check the body temperature of every staff member and sanitize their hands before entering the Factory Hall. We are very proud of our Team at Playtents Company.

Playtents Team at Work

Our dedicated team at work, trial pitching every teepee tent that we make, to give you that flawless experience ! We also make Hut shape Tents, Princess Tents, Viking Tents and Kids Shamiyana, do check out our entire range. August is the month of Birthdays, so let’s have a Blast ! A perfect Dino-Mite Birthday Party for Kids.

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    Thank you Playtents Team for the smooth transaction and hassle-free shipping. The dino teepee tent arrived on time. It was colorful and vibrant, it looks exactly the same in the picture and even cuter in actual. My son loves the print and the quality is superb. Perfect birthday gift and it completed the DIY Dinosaur party of my little one. And oh, thanks for the feature too.
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