10 Amazing Ideas to keep Kids Busy in Summers | Kids Tent 10 Amazing Ideas to keep Kids Busy in Summers
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10 Amazing Ideas to keep Kids Busy in Summers

Teepee Party Ideas for Children

Everyone has complains that kids are glued to the TV or phone or Tab and have zero activity. Well, not any more. The very best way to keep children busy in their summer vacations is by following these pro tips from Moms.

  1. Involve your kids in some fireless cooking like sandwiches & milk shakes
  2. You can even bake an amazing Cake, that they can boast off
  3. Arrange some DIY activities for kids like Puzzels and blocks
  4. Make Cartoon cut outs for decorating their room with them
  5. Pick an old t – shirt and bleech or color it for a makeover
  6. Involve them in crafts like best out of waste activities
  7. Do some simple and fun science experiments at home
  8. Play board games like chess, ludo and UNO
  9. But the Best Option is a Personalized teepee tent to camp at home
  10. Plus Order Star pillows with Names for Fun & Play!!

Best Quality Play Tents

We live in a World filled with numerous toys, electronic gadgets and play products for children. Finding the perfect one, with good quality, that can also engage a child’s imagination can be a mammoth task for parents. However, there is one play item that stands out among the rest of the toys and that is, Play Tents. These versatile and very stable structures offer endless scope for children to explore their creativity, develop camping skills, and have fun with friends camping indoors or outdoors. They can also engage in pretend play, on their own. In this Blog, we will explore the amazing world of Play Tents, highlighting their benefits, key features, and why both children and their parents love our Play Tents & Teepee Tents.

What sets our Play Tents Company apart ?

When it comes to Kids Tents, our Company Play Tents, is the pioneer in this field. We started making Kids tents in the Year 2015 and we can very proudly boast of 200+ Designs. We courier All over India. Our Amazing collection of kids tents is such diverse, we have various prints and patterns, like the Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Flamingos, Little Sharks, Chevrons, Stars, Stripes. We have very bright colour kids tents to subtle pastel shades & hues, that can cater to different interests and kid’s room theme preferences.

Our entire range includes the following broad Categories of Play tents & Play houses.

  1. Teepee Tent
  2. Viking Tent
  3. Hut Shape Tent
  4. Princess Castle Tent
  5. Mahal Tent

We offer a very wide range of unique and high-quality products that are both Child friendly and Non – toxic. Each Play tent is specifically designed with careful consideration for child safety, durability, sturdiness and being Eco – friendly at the same time. Our company takes care to leave the least Carbon footprints during and after production. A kids tent not only engages children in active play but also serves as a cozy hideout where they can play with their Super Hero & Dolls.

The key features of our Play Tents are :

  • Breathable Cotton Fabric
  • High Quality varnished Bamboo Poles
  • Padded Floor mats for comfort
  • 2 Big Size Star Cushions
  • Attractive Box packing for gifting
  • Free Courier All over India
  • Easy to Erect Erection Manual.

Bacchon Ka Tent House

Play tents, also known as bacchon ka tent house and teepee tents for children, provides a perfect space for children to let their imaginations roam freely. Our Play tents can be set up both indoors as well as outdoors. You can buy a teepee tent for your kid’s room, the play area or even a living room. Thus creating a magical environment where your children can play, learn, and create their own little adventures. By merely stepping into a play tent, the children are transported into a world of make – believe, where they can be Super Hero trying to save the world, or pirates taking over a ship and discovering hidden treasures, or  perhaps astronauts exploring outer space, well girls like to be princesses in a fairytale castle, or spending time with their Barbie dolls & unicorns.

Playtents Happy Client Pictures

We have a huge collection of our Playtents Happy Clients pictures with our kids tents and teepees. When you Order a Kid’s tent from us, do not forget to send us some interesting and creative Pictures and become a part of our Playtents Happy Clients club.

Made in India Kids Tent House

We very proudly say that our Play Tents are “Made in India” and it is an Indigenous Brand. The Best part is that these Tents help your children to develop the DIY setups quality in them. Very easy to set up and fold. Once you have assembled the Teepee tent, you can open and place it on the floor and when not in use, just fold it up like an Umbrella and put it away, or stack it up on one side or under the bed. It definitely has the ease of use for kids as well as parents. It is not only a safe and secure camping place but also an excellent Toy Organizer. So mothers, you are definitely gonna thank us for this. Moreover, Play Tents promotes and  prioritizes the use of toxin-free materials, thus providing a very safe & child friendly environment for children to play and become Happy Campers !!

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